Binary Eliquid

A Unique Eliquid Blend that is hand crafted in Southern California

Made For Dripping and Sub Ohm Tanks

The Binary line is artfully created in a high VG content to increase vapor production while keeping true to a savory vape.


Branding and brand strategy is a key to our success and yours, we provide our retail locations with a unique menu, display, and swag to keep your customers coming back.

Complex Mixtures

The mixtures in binary are customized for the extracts and complexities of how they interact with PG and VG, know these factors we designed the ratios to highlight vapor production and taste.

Our Flavors


Array is a very complex mix of raspberry, sour apple, kiwi, lemonade, and one other final secret ingredient to complete this very intriguing flavor. There are a lot of flavors going on, but on the inhale you get the sweet raspberry and other soft fruity nodes, and on the exhale you get the sour flavor of the lemonade and sour apple.


Byte is a cereal flavor from Binary E-Liquid. This is not your typical cereal flavored e-liquid. Byte is a complex mix of crunch berry cereal, froot loops, and a milky extract.


Pow is a refreshing blend of pomegranate, watermelon, a hint of marshmallow, and a final secret ingredient to give you a fruity, yet fluffy flavor.



Siren is a tasty mix of blue raspberry with a hint of juicy grape, and a final subtle ingredient that gives you a superb mix of fruit flavors that taste like popular hard candy.


Virus is a mango guava mixed with a secret ingredient to give you an exotic mix. Virus is a good mix if you like exotic flavors.

Lab Produced

Have the assurance and confidence of true lab produced e-liquid our facilities are ISO and GMP certified to ensure the best possible product, as well as to ensure regulations wont leave you stuck with inventory on your shelves.

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